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Help needed!

Greetings, friends!

Help needed! I wonder if anyone of you own the James Filiss’s “Breaking and riding” book. Being myself a russian speaking person I need to translate 8 quotes from this book (russian edition) on english for equestrian documentary movie. Alas, just can’t find it’s english edition anywhere near me. I wonder if anyone of you, horse enthusiasts, would agree to help me, sending me an e-mail with this 8 quotes in english.
It won’t be right after all to translate something what originally was written on english back to english from russian, don’t you think?
Looking forward to your help.


P.S. Sorry if you’ll consider that an offtopic.

Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

Time Change Alert! Rolex Kentucky Telecast Now at 2:00 p.m EDT

NBC has changed the broadcast time of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Presented by Kentucky Unbridled Spirit to 2:00 p.m on Sunday, May 7.

This is a change from the original broadcast time and is precipitated by a rescheduling of the network's National Hockey League playoff schedule.

Please mark your calendar for 2:00 p.m on May 7 to see the highlights of America's premier equestrian event on NBC.



Ok, how stupid is this????? My dad just made it legal for the stupid courts to repossess my horse! I mean, my one loving horse, that I love more than anyone or anything else, can now be repossessed! How terrible is he???????


Ok, so since this is my first post, I might as well tell everyone a little bit about me.

Location:Incline Village/Reno
Discipline:English, Hunter/Jumper
Horse:I have my own horse, Goodness Gracious (Gracie), who is a 10 yr old Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare.

She is my second horse.... My first horse, Magic, was a 23 yr old Arabian. I used to be in the Arabian circuit, but last year, he got himself tangled in his paddock, and broke his leg so severely, that he could even walk and it was visibly snapped in half. We didn't have the money for the surgery, and we didn't want him to be in pain and in a giant sling, so we put him down. Right after that I went into the hunter thing, and I love it.... But I'll always miss him.

I've been riding since I was 7, so that's like, 6 years now. I ♥ horses!


I have finally found time to share some pictures with you guys!!! They are of my 2005 show season! YAY! only 45 more days till my first show in North Carlina! anyways- the bay is Rodney my all around horse and the other is Benn my Gamer! hope all this works!

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MY MOM AND I JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER HORSE TODAY!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is going to be so werid for me to say we own 3 horses!!! hehehehehehe!!!! im soooo excited

shes an arabian filly, her name is maddy and on may 5th she will be 3 years old!! and so when ever i take more/better pics, ill post them!!!


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I took more pics of my two new ponies, these ones are much better than the first ones i took cause it wasnt such a crappy day the last couple days. I hope you don't mind but I posted some pics of my nonequine babies aswell.

Question for Hackney owners or people that have worked with them. Tommy has a really adorable head bobbing that he does when I lead him around. Is that a hackney trait or is it just because hes not yet trained. Hes a silly boy too, so he may just be being silly!

Warning ~ Alot of pics! X-Posted to several places! Cuteness overload!

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Do any of you own an OTTB or a TB in general and have had great success in the circuts? I'm adopting an OTTB march 1 who I hope to take to the A circuts. I know it varies on the individual horse but competeing against the warmbloods, havos and other thick jump breeds makes me a bit nervous. I have absolutly no doubts about my training or anything, but the breed in general. I've shown the warmbloods before but i prefer TB's and its even better to save a life. maybe if more TBs are winning, maybe slaughter will go down. anyway, has anyone ever had sucess or known anyone who has had success?