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Brand New

Hi, brand new. I have been on lj for some time now but I mostly center around the asian music communities and such...

Name: Kortney
Age: 15 1/2 (16 in March)
Location: Michigan, USA
Horses: Sonny, a TB-Old. X gelding and Arabella a Trakehner-Oldenburg cross mare.
Discipline: 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Hunter/Jumper

As I said I am Kortney from the USA and I have two horses Sonny and Arabella. I board both horses but they are at different barns. I will begin my first season of Pony Club this year as I am getting ready for the Great Lakes Region Quiz Rally soon. YAY! I am part of the Metamora Hunt II Pony Club in Metamora, Michigan.

I grew up with horses in my blood as my grandma and her sister rode hunters when they were younger and my great grandma and great grandpa owned race horses. My mom and my aunt did 4H for some time. I mostly grew up doing the Pony portion of the hunter/jumper circuit but have done some horse classes (The first horse I have shown after my pony was Arabella)

Honestly I do not like to ride Arabella as I prefer a push button horse (enter Sonny). I have owned Arabella all my life (Since I was seven). She is my age, 16.2 hands and a winter black mare. She has no vices and is a sweetheart but I prefer my gelding Sonny.

Sonny is five (6 in May) and he is my baby. I would have pictures of him and Bella but I don't feel like going through my photobucket album weeding through my pictures of jrockers and anime pics to find them right now. I am babbling... Okay, Sonny is my main horse and we are showing pc together and maybe the Michigan Eventing Circuit depending as he is coming off from back problems and of course money is short.

I work at the barn Sonny is at for free board and lessons and sometimes I exercise the other horses for my trainer.

That's all, I don't feel super chatty right now
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