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I am posting this for my partner, Sarah, who I train the Percherons for, any info provided would be awesome! Thanks everyone!

I am posting this from Robin's (Hoodsey) account because I do not have one of my own. Last year I lost a couple of my Percheron Mares to Colic/Blister Beetle Poisoning(the vets had no clue). I am wondering about my Betty-Jo because when I dropped her off at the vets office we thought all would be well she was dehydrated but it was believed that the mass would be passed and she could come home. Soon after the story changed. I was told she could not be given anymore fluids because there was an obstruction so a catheter could not be inserted, possibly a small stone which to my knoledge can be passed by mares. Next, I was told she had salmonella which made no sense to me, because Betty was around all of our other horses and no one else was sick. She was never tested for salmonella... Next I was told that nothing could be done for my Betty, she had an obstruction in her stomach (UMM Hay??) and they could not do an x-ray on her because she was so big and I should just give the ok to have her put down. I was not ready to lose this mare, I absolutely adore her and I was pretty much done with this vets stupidity and her "I dont want to be bothered" attitude. I was going to move her to Chino Valley Equine which is about 2 hours from me and when I called to inform them of the move, they told me it would be no problem. Then when I was walking out the door to get her I recieved a phone call telling me that Betty just laid down and died. I requested a necropsy and I did not want the stomach contents to be saved (BAD move on my part).

The thing that wierds me out is the fact that I never got another bill for the remaining balance or a bill from the rendering company that came to pick her up. So basically, they "treated" my horse for free.....and when I was coming to move her she just up and died? They were also making it very hard for me to come and get her, I had to be there between certian hours, no one would meet me after 5 or before 3. The vet would not answer her cell phone and the office would not give me any info on my own mare.

I have heard before of animals mostly dogs coming up "dead" then seen by thier owners later. Needless to say I am always on the lookout for my Betty and I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else. She has a superb pedigree and is an awesome percheron broodmare, and this just worries me as Robin (Hoodsey) has had friends before whose mares went for breeding and "died" and were then seen years later.

So my main question is, have any of you heard of this happening much with horses in your area or to people you know?

Any info you could provide would be AWESOME.

I think I'm going to post her on NetPosse. And just in case, here is a picture of her:

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Thanks to anyone who can help!!

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