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Hi everyone..

OK I`m new to this community so here is a little about me:-)
Where you live: Washington State
The dicipline you ride:Western
If you have a horse, what breed/gender/age/etc:Breeding stock paint filly, 2 and half years old..My husband is looking at buy a tennessee walker named charlie, he is all black and so beautiful..
My husband bought me my first horse last summer for my B-day!:-)
I`v loved horses all my life,she is too young for me to ride her right now, so I ride a few other horses, last year and the year before I used to ride a 8 year old QH, bay named April:-) I also ride a friend of mines horse who is a 7 year old thoroughbred, 16.3hands, very sweet..She bought her from a person at the track a few years ago, she is pregnant right now though and is due next spring YAY! I also once and a while ride a palomino paint mare named dolly:-) when I was younger I rode as well, but I can`t really remember the names and such:-)
I`m going to be in my first horse show this August with my filly! and I can`t wait, we are doing halter and I`m so excited..
A good friend of ours has a training stable, and has some beautiful stallions too, which one of them is fillys daddy, and one of the others is my friends mares daddy:-)
We also are friends with another older guy who breeds fresians,and we helped him get one ready for the halter shows last year, and now she is HUGE!! anyway I`m talking way too much..sorry:-)
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