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Old pony quiz

I was looking through my archives, and I found this. I originally did it in 2003. Anyway, I figured I'd post it here (as well as my only eljay), since none of my friends will care. I have no idea where I got it from. And, can I just say, god, I was such a dork. But, this thing is totally adorable. I miss my pony. :( I did just talk to the people who have him now, though. They love him so much, and they said they are going to start using him for thrapy soon. I'm so proud!

Alright, I'm going to kinda update this (ie: add commentary). The new stuff is in italics, the original answers are bolded, and the questions are just regular font.

PONY INFO - Originally posted January 5, 2003.

Name: Little Red. Jonnie Walker Red was his official show name

Breed: uhhh...mutt? Morab (Morgan/Arabian)/Standardbred...i think. I'm pretty sure I decided he was Morgan/Standardbred.

Height: eh...13.1. God, I was an idiot. 14.2 on the nose. Not quite a horse, not quite a pony.

Color: Red. Completely. None of that bay or chestnut crap. Coolest color EVER.

Disipline: Well, since we are re-training him, none yet, but he was trained as a driving pony, and as a regular pleasure (english and western) pony. He was a hunter/eventer. He loved X-Country, even though it sometimes scared him (spooky bastard). But he could also do Dressage. And he loved jumping. Period. 2'6" Oxers? Sure!

Name of Barn: Hunt Ridge Stables. Then it was Just Us Farm. Then Sweet Hollywood Farm (or something like that). Now he lives in Roanoke, at Stable Creek Farm.

Favorite thing about your horse: Hmmm.....I love the half moon on his head, it is REALLY, REALLY cute. How he can act like a total idiot when I'm on him, but when a child gets on him, he's an angel. And his willingness to jump anything.

Cutest thing he does: He puts his head up to my chest as a hug....Courtney has a picture! He also HIDES FROM ME IN THE FIELD....grrrr. Oh wow, I remember that! I was calling him for like 15 minutes, and I was starting to get worried, b/c I could hear him calling back to me, but he wouldn't come. Then I found him hiding behind a tree. No, seriously. The horse was playing hide-and-go-seek with me.
Oh, and he also gives kisses.

Thing you hate most: He fell on me a few years ago....I hate what it did to him (had to start training all over again...he was really shaken-up). Hm... when he tries to buck me off. Although, that's really just amusing.

His favorite treat: uhh...anything that resembles any type of food...or doesn't....he also licks my hand...I think it is a comfort thing, but he HAS to do it. Stud Muffins. Peppermints. Anything really. He ate cat food a couple times, until he wised up.

Cross Country Colors: Eh, none....and if I had to choose, i would have to think long and hard about it. It would have been blue and white. Or dark green and blue.

How often do you ride: Not enough (my barn is a whole lot further away than Julia's). I try to go at least once a week durring the school year....and every other day in the summer. Before he went lame (arthritis), but after we moved to SHF, it was 2-4 days a week. Before that, at JUF, it was 4-6 days a week.

Why he is the coolest horse ever: He is my baby! He is loving, and adorable, and really, really beautiful (when he is clean, so not that often..heehee). I love him more than anything else in the whole wide world. I wouldn't sell him even if someone offered me $100,000,000,000 or more. When i got him, he was extremely head-shy and had trust issues b/c he was abused and neglected. Now he is an angel and would follow me to the ends of the earth. I found his happy spot. He loves to have his head scratched all around, and kinda in, his ears. He is the best. Bringing a horse back from 6+ years of abuse is really hard. But to get him to trust people as much as he does? It was nearly impossible. I mean, it took me over 5 years for him to be comfortable on trails and with kids riding him, and 6 to get him comfy around water. But he was never mean to me, just scared. Poor baby. And no matter what, I will NEVER let anything happen to him again. If Stable Creek ever needs to get rid of him, I get him back. He is my baby.

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