Cortnye (ladymorrigan87) wrote in equusinc,

When I got up it wasn't long after that when we went down to the farm and I braided Kelly's mane, my eye twitched at her stomach, then brushed the knots out of Katie's mane. We went by a friend of ours, Hank, to look at this mare he'd bought. Beautiful paint. He'd bought this quarter horse with the intentions of me riding her. She's not used to being messed with, so we're gonna have to work on that. Oh! Why my eye twitched at Kelly's stomach: SHE'S FAT! I take that back...She looks PREGNANT! My mother agrees. *sighs* If so, must stop trying to ride her. But back to Hank's horses. GOOD GOD! 1500 lbs worth of horses! And trust me, this ISN'T fat. I'm 5'6" and 2 of theses 3 horses' backs were taller than me. But he feeds them 4 gallons of feed a day plus hay and all the grass they can eat, and he rides B (HIS mare) everyday, and he and a friend are starting to break Jodi (the paint), and he plans on breaking his gelding Luke this summer. He doesn't have a lot of land, but he feeds them enough to make up for it. *Eye twitches* I know why my horses are underweight. Blueboy's girlfriend told him they didn't need more than 1/2 a gallon a day of feed. No wonder they're fighting for food. *Shakes her head*
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