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Toe Problem

I've developed a really awful habit of sticking my toes out when I ride. Does anyone know of any exercises or stretches I can do to work on this?

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Brand New

Hi, brand new. I have been on lj for some time now but I mostly center around the asian music communities and such...

Name: Kortney
Age: 15 1/2 (16 in March)
Location: Michigan, USA
Horses: Sonny, a TB-Old. X gelding and Arabella a Trakehner-Oldenburg cross mare.
Discipline: 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Hunter/Jumper

As I said I am Kortney from the USA and I have two horses Sonny and Arabella. I board both horses but they are at different barns. I will begin my first season of Pony Club this year as I am getting ready for the Great Lakes Region Quiz Rally soon. YAY! I am part of the Metamora Hunt II Pony Club in Metamora, Michigan.

I grew up with horses in my blood as my grandma and her sister rode hunters when they were younger and my great grandma and great grandpa owned race horses. My mom and my aunt did 4H for some time. I mostly grew up doing the Pony portion of the hunter/jumper circuit but have done some horse classes (The first horse I have shown after my pony was Arabella)

Honestly I do not like to ride Arabella as I prefer a push button horse (enter Sonny). I have owned Arabella all my life (Since I was seven). She is my age, 16.2 hands and a winter black mare. She has no vices and is a sweetheart but I prefer my gelding Sonny.

Sonny is five (6 in May) and he is my baby. I would have pictures of him and Bella but I don't feel like going through my photobucket album weeding through my pictures of jrockers and anime pics to find them right now. I am babbling... Okay, Sonny is my main horse and we are showing pc together and maybe the Michigan Eventing Circuit depending as he is coming off from back problems and of course money is short.

I work at the barn Sonny is at for free board and lessons and sometimes I exercise the other horses for my trainer.

That's all, I don't feel super chatty right now
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New member; Long time rider

Hi everyone,

My name is Lisetta and I'm new to this community, nice to meet you all.

I live on a 200 acre horse stud in NSW, Australia and I have roughly 32 horses on my property at the moment.

I have many, many photos of my horses; I have mainly warmbloods now but my previous show pony was a Riding Pony x Welshie.

My home doubles as a business and my mother and I offer both rider and horse training.

We also offer agistment and a unique barnstay experience (visitors are welcome to bring their horses for the weekend/duration of their stay and we have some lovely bush trails)

If anyone is ever in the Hunter Valley region of Australia we'd love for you to stop by.

If you'd like to hear more about any of my horses, like to share stories of your own or just want to chat horse-talk I'd love for you to contact me.. It's very rare I get to chat with horsey people on a casual basis, it's much more fun when it's just chit-chat and not business talk. :)

Look forward to getting to know some of the riders and horse lovers out there.

(xpost from another equine community I joined, I hope you don't mind.)
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(no subject)

hey, I know posting is kind of slow here, but I had a training question to ask. My 8yr old tb off the track goes crazy whenever we start jumping or work on flying changes. Does anyone know a good way to work on keeping her calm(er)? For the lead changes, she knows how to do them, but starts sprinting like shes going down the home stretch again, lol. Also, she gets the front and does a skip change to get the back, but how can I get her balanced and collected enough to do the change all at once? wow, that is a lot of stuff, but any advice would be great! thanks!

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(no subject)

since i never update in here i decided to

my mom and i bought another horse in feb...shes a 3 y/o arab filly named maddy and shes so adorable!!!

she had basically been left out in the field and not touched until feb when we bought her so we had to start from the begining. we had to halter break her and everything. she has done super well!!! she is such a fast learner it is amazing!!

she is really good with the halter now, she lunges perfectly, and wee are now riding her!!! it didnt take her too long to accept the saddle, when i say it didnt take too long, i mean it took about 5 min for her to accept the saddle...seriously!! even though we're training her western, we decided for the first saddling to saddle her up with this really light english saddle that we have, and really the only thing she didnt like was the tightening part. we took her out of the barn and walked her in the ring and at first she was a little nervous, but after a few min she was fine!!! that was in may that we started with the saddle, and now that shes used to it we moved on to a western saddle, she accepted that fine as well, the only thing we had major issues with was the bit, but that was because she despreatly needed a dentist. after the dentist came we had to wait a week to put a bit in her mouth, but since she was ready to be ridden we started with a hackamore, and she was perfect. she was a little confused at first but she walked stopped and turned. she bucked the first 2 times we tried jogging and she bucked the first few times we tried loping, but she is fine now, after only about 3 weeks after starting her!!!

anyway, on to what everyone has been waiting for...

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Hi everyone..

OK I`m new to this community so here is a little about me:-)
Where you live: Washington State
The dicipline you ride:Western
If you have a horse, what breed/gender/age/etc:Breeding stock paint filly, 2 and half years old..My husband is looking at buy a tennessee walker named charlie, he is all black and so beautiful..
My husband bought me my first horse last summer for my B-day!:-)
I`v loved horses all my life,she is too young for me to ride her right now, so I ride a few other horses, last year and the year before I used to ride a 8 year old QH, bay named April:-) I also ride a friend of mines horse who is a 7 year old thoroughbred, 16.3hands, very sweet..She bought her from a person at the track a few years ago, she is pregnant right now though and is due next spring YAY! I also once and a while ride a palomino paint mare named dolly:-) when I was younger I rode as well, but I can`t really remember the names and such:-)
I`m going to be in my first horse show this August with my filly! and I can`t wait, we are doing halter and I`m so excited..
A good friend of ours has a training stable, and has some beautiful stallions too, which one of them is fillys daddy, and one of the others is my friends mares daddy:-)
We also are friends with another older guy who breeds fresians,and we helped him get one ready for the halter shows last year, and now she is HUGE!! anyway I`m talking way too much..sorry:-)
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horse at sunset

getting a horse!

Wow, it's always so quite...

Anyway, I just got the ok from my dad to get a horse after this school year finishes. I'm so excited about it, especially since the owner of one of the stables I go to said that he would hold on to this one horse that I'm in love with until the time comes. The horses name is Hunter, and he's a flea-bitten grey Quarab. I just love him SO much, especially since he's such a sweet heart, even when I'm riding him. Now I'm looking forward to June again, and the new school year hasn't even started yet.
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