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since i never update in here i decided to

my mom and i bought another horse in feb...shes a 3 y/o arab filly named maddy and shes so adorable!!!

she had basically been left out in the field and not touched until feb when we bought her so we had to start from the begining. we had to halter break her and everything. she has done super well!!! she is such a fast learner it is amazing!!

she is really good with the halter now, she lunges perfectly, and wee are now riding her!!! it didnt take her too long to accept the saddle, when i say it didnt take too long, i mean it took about 5 min for her to accept the saddle...seriously!! even though we're training her western, we decided for the first saddling to saddle her up with this really light english saddle that we have, and really the only thing she didnt like was the tightening part. we took her out of the barn and walked her in the ring and at first she was a little nervous, but after a few min she was fine!!! that was in may that we started with the saddle, and now that shes used to it we moved on to a western saddle, she accepted that fine as well, the only thing we had major issues with was the bit, but that was because she despreatly needed a dentist. after the dentist came we had to wait a week to put a bit in her mouth, but since she was ready to be ridden we started with a hackamore, and she was perfect. she was a little confused at first but she walked stopped and turned. she bucked the first 2 times we tried jogging and she bucked the first few times we tried loping, but she is fine now, after only about 3 weeks after starting her!!!

anyway, on to what everyone has been waiting for...

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this was not this past feb but the feb before that, before we bought her, while she was being left out in the field and not handled

this was last feb the day after we bought her

my mom and her

me and her

my mom, me and her

the closest thing we could get to a confo shot at the time, she wasnt exactly halter broke yet so it was hard to get her to stand never mind standing square!

this was in april, thats my mom lunging her
walk walk


walking other way


and maddy LOVES to run...i would think so considering her mom and dad were arab racers!!

zoom zoom!!!

pics after lunging!!

these are the most recent pics we have, they are from may or june, cant really remember but my mom and i are going to take some more pics as soon as we get some more film because its time! lol
also i want an updated confo pic, especially since she knows how to stand square now!!

and thats maddy!!!!!

any kind of comments welcome!

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