Cortnye (ladymorrigan87) wrote in equusinc,

I decided I'd look, and found a whole bunch of horse communities! Wooo! Oh anyways, this is my first time owning my own horse. She's a 4 years old bay arabian named Kelly. For lack of a better word, my boarder calls her "The Bitch". We also have her little sister Katie, who's the same color, and my boarder has their father (same color as well), Kasino. I never noticed until now that they all look that much a like...


EDIT: I forgot this!
I'm Cortnye.
Age: 19
Location: North Carolina
Style: Western style rider
Horse: Bubba the quarter horse (loaner), or Kelly the arabian (Mine)

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Cute face!

You must be really excited -keep us posted!
I am. And you're lucky I got more pictures!

firstly, I have to say that's the niftiest way I have seen the name "Cortnye" spelled. Kudos to you!
second, I congratulate you on your purchase of an Arabian, I own and train Arabians and Half Arabians for a farm in Southern Wisconsin. And anyone who decides to call her "bitch" probably doesn't understand the breed well enough. Most people don't understand Arabs because it takes so much mental ability to work with and train them compared to other warm blooded breeds.

I saw your pictures and they all look very cute, but I hope that now that they are under your caring eye, that they will start to gain some weight! They all look a little underweight IMHO. I don't mean and all to offend, but I have to say that as a professional I would advise you to throw as much hay as you can at these animals to bulk them up a bit. Maybe check their teeth and worming schedules to see if there needs to be anything done.

If you ever have any questions about working with the Arabs just give me a holler! Good Luck Sweetie!
They are underweight, but they're gaining, these three came from total starvation into food, and the boarder spent the 1st year working them slowly into ammounts of food so to not make them sick. But they're working on it, and I have new pictures I'm about post, so look for them..